Five Great Martial Arts Styles for Weight loss

The only way to actually lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. Exercise is not everything, but it is the bottom line. Miracle weight loss drugs and crash diets are ultimately only disappointing. When you want to have sustainable weight loss results, there are no shortcuts and you have to just do it the old fashioned way — by exercising. You can join a fitness club and begin pushing hard to lose weight on monotonous machines, or you can do it the fun way, and learn a martial art!

Mixed Martial Arts

You don’t have to be Brock Lesner to step into a ring in your neighborhood. There are boxing gyms with the right equipment and professional staff near you that can help kick your butt into shape while teaching you some pretty cool skills like giving, dodging and taking punches. These sports are extremely cardio intensive and you have to be ready to really break a sweat and keep moving for long periods of time. Boxing and MMA are definitely not for people who suffer from a heart condition or have fragile bones, but if you are relatively healthy and want to drop those extra pounds quickly there’s no better option.


Putting on tights and getting into a cage match with a couple of steel chairs might be the first thing that comes to mind when wrestling is mentioned. Although exciting and entertaining WWE style wrestling is dangerous and doesn’t make for great after-work exercise. Olympic style wrestling, or “real wrestling” to its patrons, is an ancient tradition still practiced today. Wrestling clubs have the trainers and equipment to teach you the basics and help you get some practice in. Wrestling is more strength based and less cardio since the matches happen in shorter bursts. Just getting yourself out there to do the warm-ups and drills is a great way to burn calories. If that’s something that appeals to you then maybe it’s time to check out your local wrestling club


Karate originated in Okinawa Japan and has originated a host of sub-genres. It’s a martial art based in punching, kicking, elbows and flat palms. Karate is traditionally practised in established movement patterns which can be performed at any pace by people or any skill level which makes it great for people who are fragile or have heart conditions. Many of the movements have a yoga-like feel and can be very relaxing. If you’re looking for a slightly more low-key way to get out of the house and burn some extra calories, karate is a great choice.


This Brazilian style of dance fighting is starting to catch on in North America and is a great way to shed extra pounds. It pairs acrobatic and flowing maneuvers with all manner of kicks and spins. All of that, coupled with energetic music, and eager students, makes capoeira a great martial art for anyone with high energy levels and a love for dance.


Taekwondo is a world recognized martial art with over 51 million practitioners in over 150 countries. Recognized as a “hard” style, Taekwondo combines poomse, sparring, self defense, breaking, and martial arts philosophy. Modern Taekwondo may focus on the sporting aspect of sparring or may be traditional and incorporate
 all of the elements listed above. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport, and many top universities offer scholarships and grants and accredited courses in martial arts. Taekwondo means, “the way of hand and foot.”

Lose Weight, Pick A Martial Art Style That Benefits You

No matter which martial art style you choose, you will experience cardiovascular benefits including weight loss. Thanks to UFC, learning a martial art is no longer something that is only considered normal for children. Most training facilities can accommodate students at any age or fitness level and almost all martial arts will help you lose weight. Get started with your martial arts weight loss program today.