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Martial Arts Is The Best With The Right Gloves

Martial arts training is physically demanding and can take a toll on your body if you are working out without the right martial arts supplies, like sparring gear and mixed martial arts gloves. When you want to up your conditioning and move your training intensity up a few notches, consider investing in quality martial arts gloves for heavy bag work or sparring. And if you train in any hard contact martial arts, one of the most important pieces of equipment you will own are MMA gloves.

Consider this, besides your mouthguard, your sparring gloves are the only protection you will have while in the fight. While you can practice with boxing gloves during heavier sparring sessions, MMA gloves are used when you are working on the heavy bag or grappling…and of course while fighting mixed martial arts sparring sessions.

When you spar with MMA gloves on, it is a completely experience then bare knuckles or gloves wraps. The difference in reach, timing, finger maneuverability, and padding is why it is very important for people who train in any martial arts to get used to how their sparring gloves feel while hitting the heavy bag, grappling and clinching during training sessions.

Like all of the martial arts supplies and MMA gear products available, there’s dozens and dozens of different MMA glove brands on the market. The features vary greatly between the materials used, the quality of the construction, and the intended purpose of the MMA gloves. It is not feasible to review every MMA glove, MMA gear or martial arts hand wraps currently on the market. However, what follows is a list of considerations when purchasing any martial arts gear, for any type of martial arts training, sparring or heavy bag work.

Popular Brands Of MMA Gloves And Martial Arts Hand Wraps

From design to performance, color to construction or fit to feel, the most popular and in-demand gloves and hand wrap brands to consider are Adidas, Revgear, Fighting Sports, Reyes, Rival, Golden Boy Boxing, Muhammad Ali, and, of course, TITLE brands. This is not an exhaustive range of sparring gloves and hand wraps but they do cover training needs from fitness to fun, all the way to the best professional gloves in the martial arts and MMA today. Most of these gloves and martial arts gear are made to perfection for fitness, MMA, and the heavy bag, for training, sparring and competition.

Whether a new white belt, or a seasoned black belt, every martial artist requires proper martial arts gloves, in the ring, in the cage and the gym. The best MMA gloves will prevent hand injuries and allow you to train longer and harder, yet it can be difficult to find the absolute best martial arts gloves for your needs. There’s no shortage of brands and products to choose from out there. Take your time and review this round up of the best MMA gloves, sparring gear and martial arts hand wraps to help you find the best pair for your martial arts training needs, and provide you with tips on how to spot a quality glove.

Common Types Of MMA Gloves And Hand Wraps

Most often, mixed martial arts gloves come in two common versions: Sparring Gloves and Competition Gloves.

COMPETITION MMA GLOVES are a standard 4oz glove, first introduced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship at UFC 13 after many fighters were injuring their hands fighting bare knuckle. The glove is designed to allow a full range of motion in both stand up and grappling, however, only offering minimal protection for both striker and opponent.

THE LARGER MMA SPARRING GLOVES, also referred to as “Puffies”, Amateur MMA gloves and MMA Training gloves, range between 6 ounces and 8 ounces in weight, usually depending on the hand size.

These types of training gloves listed above are not ideal for heavy bag or padwork. Speciality martial arts bag gloves and hand wraps are better suited for this use. MMA Gloves are a specialized piece of kit, specific to the sport. For this reason, these gloves should be accompanied by either a quality bag mitt or a boxing glove for training on bags and pads.

Many of the striking martial arts like Karate and Taekwondo use special gloves as part of their sparring gear. Sometimes these gloves are simply cover foamed to protect the hand and your opponent during training and sparring sessions. Often, the more experienced martial artist will adopt MMA gloves for use during sparring and training.

Sparring Gear Buying Tips For Gloves And Hand Wraps

Consider Glove Size

To be effective and keep your training going, martial arts gloves need to keep your wrist, fingers, and hands supported so you don’t wind up breaking or spraining something. Bare knuckles to face would suck, no doubt, but a proper fitting glove is less about making sure your sparring partner has a pretty proboscis; a glove’s true function is to keep the wearer safe, and they can’t do that if they don’t fit in the first place.

When finding the proper size for your hands, most sizing charts measure the circumference of your knuckles (not including your thumb). You may also find some that measure on wrist circumference, but the majority of brands base sizes off your knuckles. Here is general sizing in inches:

Make sure the size, fit, and padding of the glove is snug enough to support your particular training activity, but not tight enough that it’s restrictive. Remember: these are tools that need to compliment your strengths. If you’re trying to spar with gloves made from grappling, or vice versa, you’re not only putting your partners in danger, you’re putting your own hands and wrists at risk.

Common Glove Sizes include:

  • Small: 6.5 to 7.5 inches
  • Medium: 7.5 to 8 inches
  • Large: 8.1 to 9 inches
  • Extra Large: 9.1 to 10 inches

Think About Glove Weight

The other method of measurement is by weight, but this will vary depending on the type of glove. Sparring and bag gloves will weigh more, averaging between seven and sixteen ounces, due to more padding than smaller competition gloves, which weigh four to six ounces. hybrid gloves will be somewhere in the middle, at between seven and ten ounces.

Glove weight is most important when it comes to competition gloves, which are heavily regulated. However, if you’re just starting out or have recently joined a training facility, be sure to ask around about recommended glove weight(s) are used in the school, as it can vary between gyms, schools, and studios, and it’s considered proper etiquette to use only the agreed upon weight when sparring.

Materials And Safety Of Martial Arts Gloves

Materials Used in MMA Gloves

Most MMA gloves are made from either genuine leather or synthetic leather. In fact, most virtually every glove worth its weight will use some type of leather due to the material’s durability. If you purchase gloves that are made with synthetic leather the prices are almost always cheaper and the material feels a little more cheaper. Synthetic material is designed to last a little bit longer, but it doesn’t have the same premium feel that leather has. It’s important to examine every glove, and not just for quality. It’s not uncommon for some gloves to have spots that can be needlessly uncomfortable. Double check that any exposed velcro is soft enough to prevent irritation, and that all seams, stitching, and openings are smooth.

    • Gloves made with 100% leather are more expensive. They generally offer the best quality that you can have. The official UFC gloves are made with genuine leather.
    • All MMA gloves have a velcro enclosure. The velcro ensures that you can easily put on and take off the gloves with the help of a training partner. This means that you need to get the right size glove for your hand, if you want to have the best use from the gloves.
    • Most of use foam padding. The padding inside of the gloves are made with layered foam to provide the wearer with more protection around the knuckles. This may change depending on the brand that you choose, but most gloves use some type of foam as the padding in the gloves.
    • You get what you pay for. As a general rule of thumb, if you purchase cheap gloves they are made with lower quality material. When it comes to MMA gloves consider spending a little bit more money to get something that will last you years.

Sparring gear, like hand wraps and gloves are manufactured all over the world. Typically the best MMA gloves are manufactured in Thailand because they offer the highest quality products for Muay Thai. The lower quality martial arts supplies are made in China and Pakistan, but they will never advertise where the products are made.

So consider this selection of some of the best MMA gloves and hand wraps on the market. We’re confident you’ll find what you need from the brands listed , but if you’re interested in doing further research and are just using this guide as a place to start, just remember these buying tips to keep in mind when searching for new gloves.