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5 Benefits Of Krav Maga

5 Reasons to Learn Krav Maga Krav Ma-huh? Although the self-defense system of Krav Maga has existed for over 60 years, it has only begun to find a wider following in the last decade. Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat” and originated as a hand-to-hand fighting system taught to the Israeli army. It emphasizes

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7 Ways Tai Chi Benefits Your Health

Seven Benefits That Tai Chi Is Good For You Tai chi is a Chinese physical discipline and martial art built around the practice of long, slow movements. Tai chi, which is notable for its relaxed character, never requires the muscles to be tensed or fully extended. Used as both a form of meditation and as

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Martial Arts Flexibility Training Benefits

MARTIAL ARTS FLEXIBILITY TRAINING What is martial arts flexibility training? Stretch to the max! Flexibility is defined as the range of motion about a joint. A joint brings together body segments and is classified based on the degree and type of movement. There are several factors that can limit joint mobility; however, martial arts flexibility

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Strength Training For Martial Arts

MARTIAL ARTS STRENGTH TRAINING What is martial arts strength training? Strength building in martial arts often uses resistance methods such as free weights, weight machines, resistance bands or even a person's own body weight in order for them to build up muscle mass and strength. In martial arts strength training, resistance training is often used

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Martial Arts Training Camps

MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING CAMPS Extreme martial arts training for maximum results In martial arts there are several methods to exercise and keep in shape. One such way is to join martial arts training camps. You will find many different types of martial arts training camps available to the interested. At these places you can get the

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