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What Is Korean Yoga

What Is Korean Yoga? Yoga is a several thousand year old tradition that has pervaded multiple countries and cultures, evolving and branching into numerous subgroups and styles. Although the roots of the practice are in South Asia, mainly inside of India, there are major schools of yoga across the globe. One very divergent method of

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7 Ways Tai Chi Benefits Your Health

Seven Benefits That Tai Chi Is Good For You Tai chi is a Chinese physical discipline and martial art built around the practice of long, slow movements. Tai chi, which is notable for its relaxed character, never requires the muscles to be tensed or fully extended. Used as both a form of meditation and as

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10 Benefits Of Tai Chi Training

10 Ways Tai Chi Benefits You If you are looking for a way to combat the stresses of your day, the benefits tai chi might be a good option. While this martial art is now an exercise, it was originally used as a form of self-defense. Today Tai Chi is being used more frequently as

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